Plans for March Onward!


Hello! It’s been a while since I did any big updates so I thought I’d talk about things I have planned for next month.

First things first, the over due chapter of The Dandy Demon is just about done. I plan to get the last couple of pages done this weekend and release it on my site before the end of the month (to preface, this chapter won’t have any lewd, but the next few comics will don’t you worry).

Secondly I’ve made a few changes to my Patreon. It’s got a new look, and I’ve changed some of the rewards. I’ve decided to take down the top tier since I realized how much time sketch requests take when I could be doing things like more comics, animation and commissions That’s right! Starting next I’m going to start opening commissions slots! With monthly sketches out of the way I’ll be making more time for more involved projects. However, I’m still in school, so comics and stuff might still take a while, but hopefully I’ll be able to make more updates on my Patreon. I’ll provide more information when that time comes.

That’s the jist of what I have planned in the next couple of weeks….bye!