Send me a submission form. Follow the easy instructions. I’m only taking one submission per person, so either put multiple prompts down on one form and let me choose one, or put one of your favorites down.  

I will respond to you with a confirmation. Again, remember that this won’t happen overnight. But as soon as you get that email, Just know that you’re in queue! 

Pay up! Provide your Paypal email and I will send you an invoice.

Delivery! I will be working on one commission at a time so I ask that you be patient. When it’s your turn I will keep you updated, but until then, take a number, do a crossword puzzle, read the paper. I’ll get to you eventually.


-Yes, I do SFW. Don’t know why this is a question…

-I’ll be charging upfront before starting your Commission

-I’m very picky when it comes to furry characters. Muzzles, multi-colored, crazy designs, etc. I don’t enjoy drawing these things as much as human features. Just keep that in mind. Not a hard no, but I’ll be more inclined to choose other submissions. 

-I will not draw:

  • toilet/Vomit/Gore stuff

  • Yaoi/Baras/MxM (exceptions may apply. Ask me first.)

  • Hyper Muscle/Fat/Inflation (all of these things are fine in moderation)

  • Heavy Piercings (Just a personal thing. I get squeamish)

  • Super Complex Designs (Mechs/ Crazy lookin’ Mary Sues/Sparkle Dogs, etc)

  • Real people without their consent.

  • New Designs from scratch. Only existing characters. gimme references! 

  • vore