Stream Commissions.png

Things to know before hand:

  1. You must be present in the stream. I’’ll be starting and finished in the duration of the stream

  2. Please have your idea and reference available. If you’re wondering if I’d be okay with a certain request, you can ask me before hand.

  3. If you win, I will send you a google form to fill out your request. Once I approve it, I’ll be working in the order of submission (If you’re on a tight schedule, let me know and I’ll see if I can bump you up in the order).

Things I will not draw:

Underaged characters • Rape • Heavy Gore (blood is okay in some circumstances) • Hyper Muscle/Fat • Heavy Piercings (just makes me squeamish-- nothing against it) • Yaoi (Negotiable) • Toilet Play • Vore • Overly complex designs like mechs or Sparkle Dogs

If other things come up I’ll let you know. I’d like to be a little more open minded so don’t be afraid to ask!

Other things to know:

  • I have the right to decline any requests that I’m not comfortable with working with

  • I do not design characters from scratch, please provide references and plenty of detail

  • Some of my OC ships I hold very dear, I will be picky about what you make me draw if they’re involved.

  • No Backgrounds, no more than 2 characters.

  • I’m only accepting 1 request per person. If you have more than one idea, either pick your favourite or put them on one form for me to choose

  • Paypal only! I do not accept free pies in the mail.

  • No, I am not doing comics or animations.

See you this weekend!